I built a wall between us by falling into sin,

the day I left my Lord and my troubles did begin.

I left the clear natural path and took the rough terrain,

where I found those sinful pleasures that tempted me again.

I continued down that rugged path, most times it was alone,

sometimes it was with others but my sins were my own.

When darkness fell and the rain came down,

is when I had to change my way and turn my life around.

But just as I began to turn I sensed that I was lost,

following those sinful ways did not come without a cost.

I began to follow others as we looked for the right road,

but I was soon exhausted for my sin was a heavy load.

Within the crowd there were temptations small and great,

but soon I found I had to stop, I couldn’t bear the weight.

I had to change my way, then looked straight unto my right,

At the end of the path I saw there was a light.

In the light there was a hill, three crosses sat on top,

tried to keep on going but I knew I had to stop.

I saw the pain sin caused and the price there was to pay,

as if I held the hammer that drove the nails on that day.

I’m sorry for the things I’ve done and things I’ve left undone, sorry when I had plenty and others they had none.

And as I cried and begged I heard those words so true,

my Father please forgive them for they don’t what they do.

I walk the straight and narrow path and try not to roam,

I know that if I follow Him then I will soon be home.

Soon out in the distance there is a light I will see,

it’s the place known as heaven called eternity.


On the straight and narrow that I may learn,

to go this way as there are no turns.

I make my goals and strive to reach,

the meaning of what God does teach.

We look for meaning as a plus,

and find that God is the one to trust.

In finding the pathways that are good,

you pray to see if it’s the one you should.

I look ahead as goals to complete,

I pray to God whom I will meet.

This straight and narrow that I view,

will give me eternal life brand new.

In life we learn that we should stay,

on this path of the straight and narrow way.

The meaning comes if you will trust,

then your whole life will be a plus.


A prisoner of hope will always prevail,

because with God they cannot fail. A dark

shade of memory of their past move in, but

through prayer and supplication to God they win.



A prisoner of hope with God on their side, with

principles of the Bible in God they abide. Looking

to God as their Father who is above and they

 will be renewed by His everlasting love.


A prisoner of hope looks to God as the way,

an access to His freedom on any given day.

With worship, prayer, and thanks to the Lord,

who in all ways is the One that’s adored.


A prisoner of hope will look always above,

receiving goodness and mercy by God’s love.

As they do look beyond any darkness they see,

because through Jesus Christ they are free.


As the princess lie asleep in bed

thoughts of love went through her head.

Dreaming of valleys and quiet streams,

as some of the thoughts filled her dreams.


As she was lying asleep in her bed

two angels hovered above her head.

Goodness and mercy were their names

and they came to stop the devils games.


Goodness knelt and then kissed her head

while mercy drew a circle around her head.

Then drawing swords, they took their place,

while the peace of God showed on her face.


Goodness and mercy showed the princess care

and it was the love of God that they did share.

Safe from harm while the princess did sleep,

as they prayed to God her soul to keep.





Striving for a goal that is priceless in worth,

it is the one of having God’s timeless peace on earth.

The last days of confessing for our spiritual grace,

as Christians receive blessings of the Lord’s embrace.


God’s timeless peace on earth is sooner than we think,

 and in God’s perspective can happen when we blink.

In a twinkling of an eye our life on earth will end,

with Jesus in the sky and the peace that God will send.


An end to war, killing, and all hatred will cease,

then souls who are willing will have eternal peace.

Looking forward to those days to witnessing a new birth,

as we all wait for God’s timeless peace on earth.


God’s timeless peace on earth comes after a fact,

it is the time we witness Jesus Christ coming back. 

Christians will then part and find again God does care,

with Jesus in our heart we will meet Him in the air.


What Christmas Means


To think about what Christmas means

but not in fantasies and dreams.

We know in fact when it had begun

as the birthday of God’s only Son.

Even if our worldly ways seem fine

when we celebrate with alcohol or wine.

That’s going our own way in fact

and with Jesus we just turn our back.

With caring love for all to see

it first must start with family.

No matter the time, space or the weather

the important thing is being together.

We need to start especially

at Christmas time with family.

Material gifts don’t take the place

of family, love and God’s tender grace.





It was the day after father’s day in 2015

it was like no other day I have ever seen.

With the weather in Florida being hot not mild,

but the day I witnessed birth of my first grandchild.


I heard of the birth of my granddaughter on that day

and started thanking God through the prayers I prayed.

another beautiful gift from God born into the world

has the beauty of an angels face with its wings unfurled.

 My granddaughters name is Akenzlie and a joy she is to see

she’s one of God’s creations who’s special to my wife and me.

Now my wife and I have a grandchild that we will surely love,

with our thankfulness to God for this gift from above.

 My first grandchild, Akenzlie Faith, is a gift from God I know

and my prayer is she will know God as she will learn and grow. 

With her middle name Faith, this is what I pray,

that she will keep her eyes on God each and every day.