I built a wall between us by falling into sin,

the day I left my Lord and my troubles did begin.

I left the clear natural path and took the rough terrain,

where I found those sinful pleasures that tempted me again.

I continued down that rugged path, most times it was alone,

sometimes it was with others but my sins were my own.

When darkness fell and the rain came down,

is when I had to change my way and turn my life around.

But just as I began to turn I sensed that I was lost,

following those sinful ways did not come without a cost.

I began to follow others as we looked for the right road,

but I was soon exhausted for my sin was a heavy load.

Within the crowd there were temptations small and great,

but soon I found I had to stop, I couldn’t bear the weight.

I had to change my way, then looked straight unto my right,

At the end of the path I saw there was a light.

In the light there was a hill, three crosses sat on top,

tried to keep on going but I knew I had to stop.

I saw the pain sin caused and the price there was to pay,

as if I held the hammer that drove the nails on that day.

I’m sorry for the things I’ve done and things I’ve left undone, sorry when I had plenty and others they had none.

And as I cried and begged I heard those words so true,

my Father please forgive them for they don’t what they do.

I walk the straight and narrow path and try not to roam,

I know that if I follow Him then I will soon be home.

Soon out in the distance there is a light I will see,

it’s the place known as heaven called eternity.

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