A Dream Within a Dream

Living your life like a dream within a dream

is when you find it real, or so it does seem.

You look into the future, present, or the past,

and wish in many ways that would last.

A dream within a dream many ways is in depth,

as a luster of our memories, in our heart is kept.

Some rare and colorful but most are black and white

some are so amazing to just enjoy the sight.

When you live your life from a dream within a dream

sometimes get so scary they want to make you scream.

A dream within a dream can come from just a wish

like living in a castle believing you are rich.

A dream within a dream in a future sense foresee

like when you go to heaven and live eternally.

Soaring higher than an eagle across the sky so blue

with God’s peace, joy, blessings, and His love so true.


One day my prodigal child left home, in order to find a life of their own, to find a truth they could understand, as they journeyed to a far away land.

Finding a life that was nothing but wild, with no form of sense was my prodigal child, while squandering inheritance I did give, from the sinful life my child did live.

Sinful ways, getting drunk on wine, my prodigal child ended up feeding swine, to hit rock bottom it opened their eyes, which caused them finally to realize.

To realize it was their time to go home, and no longer live a life of their own, In the distance again was my childs face, as I welcomed them back with warm embrace.


The heartfelt dreams of yesteryear, we sometimes want those dreams right here, they stay entwined within our heart, so in our lives they have a part.

Those heartfelt dreams that stay with us, and in those dreams we put our trust, making our life completely whole, as they reach to our inner soul.

With heartfelt dreams and trust we give, a wholesome life we surely live, to feel complete throughout our being, these dreams are part of everything.

Some heartfelt dreams we didn’t reach, a lesson truly this might teach, might be for future reference sake, that we might give more than we take.

All those heartfelt dreams we feel, our Mighty God we know is real, in correspondence with our Lord, who in all ways should be adored.


The joy of the Lord is truly our strength, with His love that goes to any length, To feel God’s goodness in many ways, and for this we give Him thanks and praise.

Fill us now and make us whole, in our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls, to feel God’s everlasting power, as days will pass with every hour.

Holy Spirit we feel your touch, and this is what we love so much, Your overflowing love we feel, in our lives Your joy that is real.

The joy of the Lord always fulfills, like the water in a fountain spills, as God’s angels sing in one accord, our strength comes from the joy of the Lord.


Oh Jesus Christ sweet Lord of all

in winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Oh Father God let peace be still,

You own the cattle on a thousand hills.


There is one thing Lord I do proclaim,

You are the first and will always reign.

Your love, joy, and awesome power,

keeps pouring down just like a shower.


Lord Jesus Christ You are the best,

because You are far and above the rest.

Each and everyday I focus just on You,

because Your love, joy and peace is true.


In my life each day I look above,

for Your peace, joy, and everlasting love.

Then Your fresh anointing rains on down,

as I feel Your presence all around.



The Peace of God

As we pray for all to have a peace of mind,

through this it’s joy and love they will find.

In having true peace throughout each land,

is having the peace of God and understand.

To accept the peace of God in our heart,

in our life every day He is the main part.

God loves and provides us with His tender care,

the overflow goes to those who we share.

To have the peace of God every day,

 it is everlasting and will not go away.

Showing others the peace that God gives,

is a shining example on how they should live.

Through God’s peace we handle every day,

as He receives words from prayers we do pray.

When we notice, focus, and pray for one another,

we live our lives eternal as sisters and brothers.

A Trip In God’s Spirit

God came to me one night in a dream,

a one way trip or so it did seem.

My soul set forth in this revelation,

to each city, state, and every nation.

This bonding together in one accord,

is priceless and no one can afford.

I came close to God and I mean solely,

a trip I did take to God’s Holy of Holies.

With no feeling like this in the world,

I witnessed angels wings unfurled.

On this trip with God’s Holy Spirit,

the enemy deceives us all to fear it.

I came together with God in unity,

the colors of a rainbow I did see.

This trip I took we all should take, 

God’s grace endured for heaven’s sake.


The Lord is my rock who delivered me
from the snares of death by the enemy.
He’s my refuge and fortress from all distress
and it’s through Him that I know I am blessed.
The Lord is my rock and my salvation
that is the key in the book of Revelation.
He’s the solid foundation where I plant my feet
and through Him I will never get beat.
The Lord is my rock, stronghold and shield
who guides me through the enemy’s field.
He has the key to the enemies lock
He is my deliverer, and the Lord is my rock.
The Lord is my rock and this will I share
this is the way I know He does care.
With forgiveness and mercy on each of us
we need to give Him all our faith and trust.



My father God and creator Lord,

in all ways you should be adored.

For through your son named Jesus Christ,

you give to us a brand new life.

By accepting Jesus in our heart,

He then becomes that special part.

For through His Holy Spirit’s source,

It is time we let God take His course.

By opening our hearts and minds,

these gifts from God we all can find.

They will be with us each passing day,

and come to us if we would just pray.

Now we can shine His light to others around,

and share with them God’s gift’s we have found.

With the Holy Spirit life is so clear,

as He comforts us when He is near.