Have faith the size of a mustard seed

and God will fulfill your every need.

Faith in God is evidence thereof,

which starts out with His perfect love.


Have faith in God as you focus your eyes

on the Almighty Father who is truly wise.

He will never at all lead you astray

as long as you continue to pray.


Have faith in God, it’s no mistake

for He will never leave or forsake.

He guides you through valleys to mountaintop,

now blessed with success, the cream of the crop.


Have faith in God the Giver of life

who gave His only Son Jesus Christ.

He died for our sins so we can be free

and a life everlasting we’ll live eternally.





With war and expedition feeling not so right

it’s time for a transition and focus on the light.

Seeing many situations bringing forth negativity

in every single nation it is time to be free.


A hidden goal and dream for all of us to know

in some ways it seems to be just like a show.

With all that God intends for us since time begun

is love which He does send through His only Son.


A world without hate is the way that it should be

you know it’s not too late to focus and to see.

With Bible intuition now is the time to search

 it’s not superstition to love and go to church.


With love and intervention as the Way, Truth, and Life

I need to mention that you never should lose sight. 

Now a world with all of love in Jesus’ name we pray

comes from God above, every single day.





We are in the testing place

of this world again.

And conspiracies of trials

which the enemy tries to send.

When we feel we cannot win

it’s then we focus right.

It is then that we do begin

to focus on the one true light.

We are here so we can see

just how strong we all can be.

Through temptations and the battles that we fight

that come to us both day and night.

Like a ship in a storm

with thunder that will roar.

We are tossed by each wave

then see the lighthouse on the shore.

The lighthouse that we see

is Jesus Christ the one true light.

As we are guided through each trial

by His power and his might.

With the trials and tribulations

and knowing that Christ is near.

No matter what the trial

He takes away our fear.

Though we look through a glass darkly

but then face to face we see.

Jesus as our lighthouse

with Gods’ goodness and His grace.



 The times of Israel in the past were foreseen

in the bible by John through God in a dream.

With the war and the killing we see now as fact

a revelation it would happen before Jesus comes back.


The times of Israel comes the enemies force

and other circumstances we see have taken course.

The time being now but in the future they will pass

the bloodshed and persecution we find it won’t last.


The times of Israel through revelation finds worth

God’s judgment we find will come over all the earth.

The second coming of Jesus where the dead rise first

and no longer will believers have to hunger or thirst.


The times of Israel in the end we all will see

those who believe in the Lord will be set free.

God’s judgment will pass and we will see new birth

as we witness the glory of a new heaven and earth.