It was the day after father’s day in 2015

it was like no other day I have ever seen.

With the weather in Florida being hot not mild,

but the day I witnessed birth of my first grandchild.


I heard of the birth of my granddaughter on that day

and started thanking God through the prayers I prayed.

another beautiful gift from God born into the world

has the beauty of an angels face with its wings unfurled.

 My granddaughters name is Akenzlie and a joy she is to see

she’s one of God’s creations who’s special to my wife and me.

Now my wife and I have a grandchild that we will surely love,

with our thankfulness to God for this gift from above.

 My first grandchild, Akenzlie Faith, is a gift from God I know

and my prayer is she will know God as she will learn and grow. 

With her middle name Faith, this is what I pray,

that she will keep her eyes on God each and every day.

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