We are in the testing place

of this world again.

And conspiracies of trials

which the enemy tries to send.

When we feel we cannot win

it’s then we focus right.

It is then that we do begin

to focus on the one true light.

We are here so we can see

just how strong we all can be.

Through temptations and the battles that we fight

that come to us both day and night.

Like a ship in a storm

with thunder that will roar.

We are tossed by each wave

then see the lighthouse on the shore.

The lighthouse that we see

is Jesus Christ the one true light.

As we are guided through each trial

by His power and his might.

With the trials and tribulations

and knowing that Christ is near.

No matter what the trial

He takes away our fear.

Though we look through a glass darkly

but then face to face we see.

Jesus as our lighthouse

with Gods’ goodness and His grace.


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